Elevate was built by teachers for teachers.

It is an elevated curriculum mapping experience focusing on ease of use and transparency. It is a living document of your school's curriculum and isn't just another tool to learn to use.

Easily update a course.

Updating and editing a course is simple and intuitive. Elevate focuses on ease of use. We don't believe that a platform should involve hours of training to begin using. Elevate is simplistic, elegant, and accomplishes a lot with minimal effort. Once a course is updated, it appears within the course alignment.

View your course alignment seamlessly.

The alignment of courses is a critical component. It is a way to ensure that your courses meet the needs of your students. Elevate gives your parents and prospective parents the transparency they value. It also allows your organization to align current and future outcomes and goals.

Interactive Course Map.

Elevate also allows your users to view courses within an interactive map. This map is searchable and offers another means of digesting the curriculum.

Elevate Makes a Difference

Elevates help new teachers onboard and understand the foundational components of a course.

Elevate helps teachers to maintain autonomy that independent schools value while aligning our outcomes and goals for each course.

Elevate helps and encourages a smooth process when the reaccrediation cycle begins.

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